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(32.5”x46”, framed) 2017, Acrylic on canvas


Surtr stands at the top centre of this image waving his sword at the skull of Ymir which the Aesir used to create our world from.


Behind Surtr is his anvil on which he has spent all time forging his weapon, the force of hammering has caused the planet's surface to crack following the anvil's magnetic lines.


Fire Jotnar clamber over Surtr's skull forge joining him in his hate for the Aesir and humans.


Stalking around the scene are two reptiles with their riders, the Destroyers Of Doomsday who when Ragnarok comes will destroy the Bifrost bridge.


And entering through a magical portal at the bottom of the painting is Hel, consort to Surtr accompanied by her handmaiden “Sloth”.

Muspelheim Part One

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