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(32.5”x46”, framed) 2017, Acrylic on canvas


This is the same scene as in Muspehelim PT I but viewed from a 180 degrees angle.


We can see Surtr from front on as he wields his sword into the sky, standing at the edge of a jagged precipice.


And now from this angle the reverse of the skull forge is revealed as an entire spine that reaches down into the lava below.


On the other side of the painting the dragon’s skeleton also drops through the caverns and into the lava.


Behind Surtr the violent volcanic eruptions that spew out magma and lighting illuminate the burnt landscape.


Directly beneath Surtr the treacherous landscape morphs from a skull into the underside of the caverns filled with amber and ruby crystals.


Deep underneath Muspelheim’s surface we find the Fire Jotnar using black smith tools to forge another of their own kind from the lava.


Ascending back to the surface are the giant reptilian dragons born from this toxic world.

Muspelheim Part Two

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