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(34.5”x46.5”, framed) 2018, Acrylic on canvas


This painting is based on the final chapters of the 1300 year old story of Beowulf.  Towards the end of the epic poem we meet Beowulf in his later years as he is crowned king after returning to his homeland in southern Sweden known then as the Land of the Geats.  He and his men hunted down a ferocious dragon who is terrorising the Geats after a wandering servant stole gold from it's lair.  Beowulf knew he would be outmatched and would definitely be killed fighting the dragon but he proceeded all the same.  This would be his glorious death.  His men retreated in fear during the battle as Beowulf was killed by the dragon, but in his last breath he struck a mortal blow to the the fiery serpent.  It was one young brave man, Beowulf’s only living blood relative Wyglaf who charged into the fray and finished off the dragon then retrieved his king’s body.

The Final Act Of Beowulf

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